Back 2 the Land: First callout for help!

by Vin Chiesel*

Going back to the land isn't easy. It's not like you jump aboard your robot space-unicorn of science and WHAM!** There you are, on the land, with the birds singing and the mice making you a meal of bannock, bison sausage and dill mustard. IF ONLY.

Molly and I have plans. Plans within plans. But to do our planning effectively, we need a temporary roof over our heads so we can build a permanent roof over our heads. An ante-shelter, if you will. A penultimate place of protective repose. In this case, also know as a basement.

My parent's basement, actually. And currently it is full to the brim of stuff my parents have been storing down there since my sibs moved out.

As of June 23rd, Molly is going to be busy for days, driving and blogging (driveblogging, drogging, bliving?) all of our worldly possessions across so-called Canada. Meanwhile, my brood and I will be flying home on June 24th. On the 25th, we need to begin the arduous process of moving parental detritus out of the basement so we can clean and repair said subterranean sanctuary.

Unfortunately we lack adequate muscle power. My father won't be there for some time. My mother broke her arm a while back and is still not healed up. Also, she is not very mobile. Basically, my parents can't (and shouldn't) help us. So it's just me, the city-boy husband I am dragging into rural reality (minus the kicking and screaming) and the baby. While this may surprise some of you, the baby will not actually be much help here.***

This is where you (possibly) come in. If you are in the amiskwaciy-wâskahikan (Edmonton) area, and you want to start getting involved in this land collective Métis in Space is kicking off, then we could seriously use your muscle!****

If you can be available that weekend to help us out, please get in touch at[at]gmail[dot]com! We will bannock you right up!

* Don't say I never did nothing for you, Moll Walker!

**Your robot space-unicorn of science is really only good for whiling away the time (

*** Other than moral support, of course. She's got cheeks for weeks, and that's going to cheer everyone up!

****You don't have to be asiniy awa (the Rock), but we would definitely accept Dwayne Johnson's help.