Back 2 the Land: 2 Land 2 Furious*: Molly's Intro

by Moll Walker**

tanisi Pêmsqueaks?

Our Big Move approaches. As of writing, we’re 16 days til launch- giving away our stuff, procuring boxes from the grocery store to house our precious, precious copies of Dune, checking off items on our Montréal bucket lists, and mapping out the next stages of our plans within plans to usher in miyo-pimâtisiwin. If you don’t know, miyo-pimâtisiwin is the decolonized future that will eventually secure us the opportunity to turn down the Nobel Peace Prize in 2314 (we’re really looking forward to having done it).

So, we’re going back home. That can be a wild ride for a lot of Indigenous people, and it’s certainly going to be a wild ride for us. Chelsea’s already written a bit about some of the challenges we're facing. We’ve both spent the better part of a decade in Tiohtià:ke, and we’ve spent a significant part of that time trying to escape back west. Over the years, we’ve noticed that a lot of people are in the same canoe- wanting to go back to their communities, but feeling like they don’t know where to start, or how to make the move in a sustainable way.  

There are a number of things we hope to accomplish by chronicling our move back 2 the land. The first is, of course, to have the opportunity to nerd out between episodes of Métis in Space, as our scramble to get our house in order (literally) this summer may mean that our opportunities to sit down and watch a little scifi together are scanty. Part of this nerdery means that we are going to be experimenting with and envisioning land-based futures. That’s right, setting up knowledge-holder residencies? That’s nerdery! Hosting a language house? Full nerdery! Destroying the heteronormative settler-colonial patriarchal nuclear family? Bust out the pocket protectors, because if you’re into that, you are most definitely a mega nerd! We’ll talk more about these things in blargh*** posts to come.

Another thing we are looking to do is to demonstrate through our successes (hopefully we’ll have a few) and our failures (there will surely be many) one model by which those of us who have been disconnected from our territories can start to reconnect. We found a tiny crack in a door that we’ve been able to wrench open enough to slip through back home- we have no financial assets whatsoever, and what resources we have are based predominantly in our relationships with one another. That sounds pretty corny, but one of the reasons I think this is going to work is that we’re basically Jaeger pilots - alone we’re pretty great, but together our brains meld and we become as awesome as giant robots fighting alien clone monsters from another dimension. Not to brag or anything.

All that is to say that this project, mission, future, or whatever it is that we’re commencing ultimately boils down to us realizing that it will never be the ideal time to make the move back home. The stars are not going to align, we are not going to discover that we're members of the Q Continuum and can warp reality to suit our whims, and Daddy Warbucks is not going to show up and adopt our broke butts: we just have to DO THE THING.

Thankfully, DOING THE THING is what we excel at.


* furious in the sense of channeling our generative anger, passion, and creativity towards doing the thing!

** in keeping with the Fast and the Furious Theme, and because I love pseudonyms, I'm going to be blarghing as Moll Walker.

*** expect high quality word vomit aka a blargh.