Back to the Land: 2 Land, 2 Furious!*

tânisi PemSqueaks?

As you know, Métis in Space when not found orbiting the decolonized Earth in our amazeballs Métis-in-Spaceship in 2316, have also been scrambling for a meager existence in the still-very-colonized 21st century. For the past few (21st century) years, Molly and Chelsea based Métis in Space out of Tiohtià:ke, also known as Mooniyaang, also known as Montréal.

This urban existence is coming to an end. Métis in Space is heading BACK TO THE LAND IN THE PAST SO THAT THE LAND CAN BE REPATRIATED IN THE FUTURE!

We will be documenting the move to Chelsea's traditional territory of manitow-sâkahikan (Lac Ste. Anne, Alberta), which is just a hope, skype and hyper-jump away from otôskwanihk (Calgary), which is Molly's traditional territory! Check here often for blog posts from Chelsea, Molly, Chelsea & Molly, and possibly some guests!


*"Furious" in the sense of being really, really busy.